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Chocolate museum

The museum deals with collection, preservation and presentation of the general history of chocolate and, unlike other museum - the collection, preservation and presentation of the history of chocolate and confectionery manufacturers in the Czech lands.

We place emphasis on monitoring and preserving the past and present of Czech manufacturers and diversity of its products.

Our exhibition presents Czech collectors and artists working with chocolate.

Our goal - to return to the confectionery glory Czech unconscious people.

The museum is divided into nine parts:

- The history of chocolate and her journey from America to Europe

- Growing of cacao

- Production of chocolate

- Demonstration of production of truffles and tasting

- The history of chocolate in the Czech lands

- An overview of selected interesting of Contemporary confectionary producers in the Republic and its products

- Collections of historical packaging (own collection and exhibition of Czech collectors)

- Projection Room

- Chocolate workshop, where you can charge themselves cast their own color of chocolate, make a custom color cover, make chocolate truffles, or sculpt a figure or picture on edible paper, plastic colored chocolate (chocolate plasticine) Cf. "workshop")


Attention! Enter at your own risk!

Surveillance ensures a bunch of rabid rabbits!

Bribe carrots, cabbage, sprouts or seeds - WELCOME!