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For groups



We offer guides and travel agents commissions andcollaborations 20% from the total purchase price, which paid by the group.


Museum Capacity - 40 persons / 1.5 hours. Texts available in Czech, English, German, Russian. Guided tours in Czech, English, German, Russian, 
Payment for the guide - 500 CZK.


We are able to provide parking for a bus 200 m to the museum. 


Tour No.1 Excursions the museum and gallerie of "Czech Picasso" chocolate ART , lecture "Technology of production chocolate , chocolate bar, production of pieces , pralines, demonstration of production pralines and tasting, happening - painting chocolate on paper, finger in the sugar.

Duration 1.5 hours
Price 150 CZK / person regardless of age. Children under 6 years - free.


Tour No.2 Excursion the chocolate museums and galleries of "Czech Picasso" chocolate ART, lecture "Technology production of chocolate, chocolate pieces, pralines, demonstration of production chocolate pralines and tasting, tasting Czech wines with different types of chocolates and prealines.

 Duration of 2.5 h

Price 550 CZK / person over 18 years.