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» Galerie of chocolate paintings

Galerie of chocolate paintings

Dear visitors,

welcome in museum of chocolate pictures, which created a remarkable artist, philosopher, poet, father of children, descendant of ancient Sumerians (his mother spoke a

language, from which the Sumerian wedge shaped script was translated), professor of the Fine Arts and

of drawing Vladomír Čech.
We’re a very young museum with a happy heart and living soul.

The exposition always changes and develops thanks

to contributions from you visitors too.
This place came into existence so that it could be shown

to you an unusual access and view at world through the eyes of artist, who has the rare gift to give to the people hope

and optimism to the life. We want to emphasize the artist’s brilliant idea, and that is that apart from shortness

of the life one man must not hesitate to create beauty

around himself even with simple means, which he has to disposition, and provided that the result mustn’t come immediately, or can soon pass away.

The chocolate pictures will not exist after some

decades of years, but they let their reference in history,

and will stay in the soles of those, who saw them in person.
The artist emphasizes, that as far as the activity

brings to the world happiness for a short moment, the world

will change positively, and will influence the fate of those,

who created this happiness. Therefore it is worth to live creatively, and not to be only poor consumer, but pride and conscious creator of the world. The choice is always at you.
We wish you from hart a happy show and a happy creating.

And if during your visit your temper raised a little,

we’ll consider our mission as fulfilled.