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» Kindergartens and schools

Kindergartens and schools

Our museum is one of the few places where a small but also adult visitors can find a great way of self-realisation in the form of making products while using chocolate. We have several types of inspections related to the workshops where children can express their feelings, moods, or everything you can think of while using chocolate.
We want to emphasize a great idea esp the one which is : We should not hesitate to create beautiful things around even if they are simple!
Finally the children will surely enjoy that they can take their work home with them and give to their loved ones.

The pre-school and school groups from 15 children teachers have free admission (For 15 Children - 1 person escort free)

Excursions are graded according to the demands of products and prices.

For a group of children there can be ordered a snack as well:
for 50 CZK- dessert and tea
for 70 CZK -dessert and hot chocolate


Types of excursions:

Basics 1: price 99 CZK per child. The entry fee is a guided tour of the museum, demonstration of production and tasting of pralines. Painting with chocolate and sugar.